Poverty and Parks

A global assessment of the social impact of protected areas


Panel at the World Conservation Conference, Bangkok.

Event number 585: 20th November in Breakout Room 09 from 1700 to 1900.


While the advantages of biodiversity conservation are widely acknowledged, the potentially adverse social consequences of the creation of protected areas are less well known. This panel will discuss and outline a two stage research project on the “local social costs of conservation”, which will provide evidences on this topic on a global scale.


Goal: The purpose of the panel is to examine methodological and practical issues associated with a proposed social impacts assessment of protected areas. The recent increase in the spread of protected areas is marked by the absence of good information about the social consequences of that spread. This panel outlines how this gap could be addressed.


Chair: Michael M. Cernea (Part 1) & Gonzalo Oviedo (Part 2)


Coordinators: Kai Schmidt-Soltau[1] & Dan Brockington


Opening remarks by Michael M. Cernea

Part 1: 1700-1800

Why conduct an assessment and how to do so. Comparative experience

Speakers (max. 10 minutes each):


Part 2: 1800-1900

Experience from current programmes

Speakers (max. 5 minutes each)


Closing remarks by the Gonzalo Oviedo


Refreshment and chances for more discussions ….


Contact: SchmidtSol@aol.com or dan.brockington@geography.oxford.ac.uk


[1] Representative for the International Network on Displacement and Resettlement (INDR)(www.displacement.net), which sponsors the panel.